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Plywood: Dallas BBQ Impostor's Glorious Return to 8th St.

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Greenwich VIllage: Rest easy NYU kids! Dallas BBQ (impostor?), the NYC restaurant best known for their margarita deals, cheap bbq, and underage drinking, is making a triumphant return to 8th Street after leaving its marquee location on the corner of 8th and University two years ago. The new location, a block and a half away, on 8th between 5th and 6th, will open on Monday. Update: A tipster tells us the barbecue spot on 8th and University was a Dallas impostor! and this one could be too. UPDATE, Pt 2: Another tipster tells us BBQ was the original. Dallas sprung up afterward. Grubz says it all has to do with a partnership breaking up (a la Gray's Papaya/Papaya King). Nothing is ever straight-forward, is it? [PLYWOOD]

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