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Three Veteran Chefs on the Media, the Economy, Survival

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While we're on the subject of anniversaries, Grub Street runs an excellent roundtable discussion today with chefs Marco Canora, Floyd Cardoz, and Daniel Boulud whose restaurants just turned 5, 10, and 15, respectively. Read the full piece for some vital insights, but here are some of our favorite quotes from the discussion:

On the media in the recession:
"Boulud: But I think that the most dramatic thing happening right now is that the media are pulling people into a depression rather than the recession. Why? When you take this month’s Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, it’s all about cook at home, cook cheap, buy cheap, stay at home, don’t go out...People don’t understand that trying to cook at home unless you know what you’re doing is going to cost you more money or you’re going to eat very lousy." Right on.

On chefs today:
Canora: "...All these young people think they’re gonna be Tom Colicchio or Daniel Boulud and it’s just like, man, you haven’t even cooked for two years. You almost have to massage their feet after service every day so they stay and do good."

Restaurants they think are in trouble:
Canora: "There’s this new, very opulent place in Tribeca I saw online and I was like 'My God, how on earth will that place ever make it?' For one, it’s got 200-something seats, which is very difficult in this time. For two, it’s very opulent, which is not really what’s happening right now..." Could he be talking about Trigo?

Cardoz: "Any restaurant that is over 150 seats today, I would think they would have a hard time surviving. Any restaurant with an attitude..."

Boulud: "Also, expensive Japanese restaurants...I think the price point is out of whack."
· Chef Roundtable: Boulud, Cardoz, and Carnora Remember and Prognosticate [GS]


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