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EaterWire: Atlantic's Food Site, Tailor Dogs at Crif, and Still Waiting on Crosby Connection

LAUNCHES & RELEASES— Tomorrow The Atlantic will launch an online food section: "Under the leadership of Kummer, the site/blog/vertical (call it what you want) will feature text, videos and photos from contributors such as Chicago chef Grant Achatz...Tim and Nina Zagat...bioethicist Zeke Emanuel...Starbucks co-founder Jerry Baldwin...nutritionist and author Marion Nestle..." [AdAge]

EAST VILLAGE— UrbanDaddy reports that Crif Dogs will now be offering Sam Mason's huitlacoche dogs, already available at the bar at Tailor. [UD]

NOHO— And coming in over the CrosbyWire, Crosby Connection is still not open in its new location on 45 Bleecker. And the phone's disconnected. Luckily a receptionist says they're opening at the end of the month. [GS]
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Crosby Connection

284 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

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