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Adventures in Shilling #053: HB Burger, Coyi Cafe, Flip Burger and Feinstein's at the Regency

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Here's another fine selection of shills, compliments of your very own Eater commentators, Yelpers, and folks from Wined & Dined. Today we go from low to high shill probability as we de-shill some spectacularly recession-unfriendly spots along with your standard burger joints and coffee shops.

This guy could be just another overzealous antipasto burger fan (and don't we all know plenty of those), but the ' "hard" milk shake ' quotes and the pre-dining destination tips lead us to believe otherwise:

"HB Burger on W. 43rd (fka Spankys BBQ) is now open. Be sure to try the antipasto veggie burger with a "hard" milk shake. A great place to go before a show or movie in Times Square".
Shill Probability: 54%

Over on Yelp we have a visiting businessman who has nothing but good things to say about Coyi Cafe's Americanos:

"I was in town on business and in need of a savory cup of coffee between my appointments in the East Village. Being from Seattle, I'm a bit selective on the coffee I drink. I noticed Coyi's attractive awning and storefront and figured I'd give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised how my Americano tasted. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese as well--was just right! The ambiance was soothing and the staff friendly. I would rate this place right among the key coffee houses in Seattle! Kudos to the owners on running such a terrific little place in the heart of New York City!Shill Probability: 72%

From the exclamation points to the old reliable "super knowledgeable waitstaff," right down to the helpful notation about the operating hours at the end of the post, this Wined & Dined commenter is the textbook overenthusiastic shill:

"first of all, its bloomies ppl!!!!!!!!!!! this aint the 99 cent store!!!!!!!!!! the burgers are pretty damn good, the service is outstanding, from the hostesses and the bartender to the waitresses. the funniest thing i found was the bartender was the only male in the restaurant at the time and the manager it looked like, which i loved and we had a good laugh about it. had the benedict burger, a choco shake and left full and smiling. a great little stopover in bloomies and a nice change a pace from the rest of the restaurants in the building. the staff seemed like actual foodservice pro’s. and they have a full bar with a real bartender and super knowledgable waitstaff, it almost seemed like they read the book on hamburgers! my button said it all–i “flipped” for it! open everyday til an hour before the store closes". Shill Probability: 83%

The "total foodie and wino" is suspicious enough, but it's the pumpkin ravioli that's "better than PerSe or Jean-Georges" that makes us think this Feinstein's defense from our Eater board is a shill of the first order:

"Of course Feinstein's is expensive, it is on the Upper East side. I do not know of a cabaret of this quality that has cheaper tickets or food. I am a total foodie and wino, and I think that this restaurant is sssoooooo worth it though. Every meal I have had here is scrumptious, the wine list decent, and the room is beautiful. The so called seafood appetizer is actually a Pu Pu Platter stupid, and what you described is typical of these platters. The brained meats and steak are the best. I highly recommend The Regency for Thanksgiving. The pumpkin ravioli is the best item I have ever eaten, better than PerSe or Jean George." Shill Probability: 89%
— Stephanie Butler
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