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EaterWire: Apiary Brunch, Cat Cora and GF Preggers, Biltmore Room to Relaunch, and More

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Right under the DOH sign at Underground Pizza
Right under the DOH sign at Underground Pizza

CELEBRITY CHEFDOM— Iron Chef Cat Cora and her girlfriend are both pregnant. Both pregnant. At the same time. With the same sperm donor. Who will they get to tie their shoelaces? [TMZ via TFB]

FIDIUnderground Pizza II on William Street has been shuttered by the DOH. See the sign posted in the window (above) for their sob story. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE— Grub Street reports that chef Matthew Schaefer is the new man in charge at The Mermaid Inn in the East Village. [GS]

CHELSEA— Steve Lewis reports that The Biltmore Room is going to relaunch as The Gates. It will be open for private events in April, to the public in May: "The room is marble over marble and is absolutely breathtaking. Some upgrades to the banquettes and DJ booth were made, but they left the room mostly as it was, and it is beautiful." [BB]

EAST VILLAGEApiary is launching a brunch this weekend. The menu features items like Challah French toast ($12), Eggs Benedict ($14), Apiary Burger ($16), and Citrus Salmon Gravlax ($14). [EaterWire]


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