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Hangover Observations: Momofuku Farmer/Vintner Dinner

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Above, photoblogger extraordinaire Martha Stewart gets up close and personal with a pig. Naturally, this happened last evening at Momofuku Milk Bar, which hosted its first Farmer/Vintner Charity Dinner, featuring the pork stylings of Bev Eggleston and the wines of Larry Turley to complement the cooking of Ssam Bar chef de cuisine Tien Ho (himself ably assisted by one Mr. D-Chang and the able-bodied Ssam team) and wine pairings by house sommelier Cory Lane. A good time was had by all, especially the evening's most conspicuous documentarian; do keep an eye on her blog for the full foodporn reveal.

Also in the house, which seated 22, if we recall correctly: Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl, Food & Wine's Kate Krader, and a big gaggle of folks who paid $200 for the privilege (a group which, in the interests of disclosure, included us). Meantime, across the way in Ssam's main dining room, who did our spies espy dining together? Momo cookbook collaborator Peter Meehan, splitting steak with the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson.
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