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The Plywood Report: Le Caprice NY, Comida, Mini-Burger, Num Pang, and More

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1) Hell’s Kitchen: Both Bret Thorn and Steve Cuozzo of the Post report on a new massive eatery from Simon Oren (Pigalle, L’Express, Nice Matin, etc). The former writes: “A 15,000-square-foot space at 450 West 33rd Street (at Tenth Avenue). the building that houses the New York Daily News, The Associated Press and WNET Channel 13, has a new lessee...That lessee is restaurateur Simon Oren of the Tour De France Group (Pigalle, Marseille, Nice Matin, L'Express), Sushi Samba etc. John says the space will house a bi-level American bistro, a self-serve cafe and a retail bakery.” [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: EV Grieve has the lowdown on an opening at 102 Ave. C, an unnamed brick-oven pizzeria: “I'm told the sixth space on the block (pictured below) is going to be a brick-oven pizza place. (A beer and wine liquor license is pending.) A beleaguered acquaintance of mine from across the street said, "It least it won't be another bar." Here's what the spot at 102 Avenue C looks like now...No word on an opening date.” [PLYWOOD]

3) Upper East Side: Diner's Journal reports on a piece of plywood in the former Cafe Pierre space, which will reopen as Le Caprice NY, a branch of a London "hotspot" off Picadilly: “The same black, white and chrome Art Deco design will be repeated in New York by Martin Brudnizki, with black-and-white photographs of the model Jean Shrimpton, taken in New York in 1962, on the walls. The menu will adapt the easygoing European style of the London restaurant to New York.” It is scheduled to open in Sept. [PLYWOOD]

4) Upper West Side: Flickr photog La Mariposa sends a pic of some plywood going into the former Madeleine Mae space, an eatery called Comida. She has the following to say about it: “The UWS needs a taqueria like La Esquina. How does no one get this??? I don't know what this Comida will be like once it opens, but at least it's Mexican. Will nearby Cilantro and Senor Swanky's survive?” [PLYWOOD]

5) Williamsburg: A tipster writes in with word of some plywood in the ‘Burg near Grand street and Kent: “I live on Grand Street and Kent in Williamsburg and have lately noticed a great deal of construction in one of the large warehouses on the north side of Grand Street. I asked the folks over at Moon River Chattel who are across the street from the space in question and they said that there is a restaurant going in but that they didn't know anything else.” [PLYWOOD]

6) East Village EV Grieve also reports on some plywood on 2nd Avenue between 11th and 12th, a place called Mini-Burger, pictured above. [PLYWOOD]

7) Williamsburg: A tipster writes in with a plywood shot from the corner of Union Ave and Ainsle. The signage reads: “Eat-In Café /Bakery Coming Soon” [PLYWOOD]

8) East Village: After a number reader queries as to when the much delayed Num Pang, the new sandwich shop from the owners of Kampuchea Noodle Bar, will actual open, an Eater correspondent snagged a shot of the plywood vet at 21 E. 12th Street. It doesn't look much closer. [PLYWOOD]

9) East Village: A commenter takes some shots through the cracks of the papering at the now shuttered Bamn! and gets a peek at the renos for what we think will be a Baoguette. [PLYWOOD]

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