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The Epic Shutter Report: Empanada Joe's, Tribe, Pane Peppe, and More

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The former Tribe on 1st Avenue

1) East Village: A correspondent stops by East Village bar Tribe this week following multiple tipster reports of a shutter: "There was no signage thanking loyal customers but there was a sign above the awning listing the storefront for rent. What was really funny was that they literally cut the name of the bar out of the awning." According to The Real Deal, the landlord raised the rent 100% and wants to replace it with "a classier place." [ShutterWire; TRD]

2) Tribeca: Sandwich shop Pane Peppe has closed its retail store in Tribeca. However they will still continue their delivery service. [ShutterWire]

3) Midtown: And Midtown Lunch chimes in with this sad news: "File this email I just received under ‘Surprising (but not that surprising)’: 'Just walked by the 43rd and 8th Avenue Empanada Joe’s (I had given this place two chances, and disappointed twice) and it was closed, a sign directing people to go to their 6th Avenue location.” [ML]

4) FiDi: Some FiDi shutter news, from the tipline: The Bull Run on William Street is finally gone, it's now called William Street. I just got a flyer for it in the mail, looks exactly the same despite a two month renovation. Hopefully the lights won't be so dang bright at night and the price point will be a bit lower." [ShutterWire]

5) Soho: The Observer reports the unsurprising news that the long embattled restaurant Lola has finally given up the charade: "After one of the lengthiest and nastiest neighborhood liquor fights in years, embattled Soho restaurant Lola finally closed its doors last Friday. Owners Tom and Gayle Patrick-Odeen had been banging heads with the bar-battling Soho Alliance over alcohol service and live music at their 192-seat, 3,300-square-foot eatery on Watts Street since 2004." [NYO]

6) Times Square: Chainage shutter, from the tipline: "It's not so much a restaurant, but the Dunkin Donuts (the worst in the city) on West 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue closed last week?finally. The store is all papered and a For Rent sign is up (will divide)." [Shutter Inbox]

7) Park Slope: Gowanus Lounge reports the Slope's NoNo Kitchen is now for rent: "A couple of weeks ago we’d noticed some strange signs in the window about how the menu was being changed, which struck us as signs that the Cajun spot (which we never cared for much) was having some trouble." [GL]