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Plywood Outer Borough Special: Bed-Stuy to Get "Depression Era" SarahJames

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Bed-Stuy: Many residents of Bed-Stuy were handed fliers this week announcing SarahJames, a new, wait for it, speakeasy themed, space going in at 305 Throop Ave. (on the corner of Pulaski St.). Luckily in this case, the speakeasy reference is neither regarding a hidden entrance nor an obnoxious door policy, but rather the "Depression-era" decor. Owner James Palminteri, a 24-year vet of the industry, most recently stationed at the Todd English empire, tells us he's building a bar, kitchen, and dining room in the former ground floor two bedroom apartment. They'll serve a classic American menu with daily specials, and are decking the entire place out in antiques, chandeliers, and the like. He tells us everything will be candlelit.

Whether this will be an oasis in the nabe, garnering visits from the Manhattan foodie set (see recent newcomers The General Greene, James, Buttermilk Channel), or a big expensive miss is anyone's guess. But, the neighborhood deserves a decent attempt at something. Palminteri is hoping to debut SarahJames by April.
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— photo courtesy the genius that is Google Street View

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