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Two is a Trend: Welcome Brooklyn's Beer Pages

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Diner Journal, the quarterly magazine from the restaurant family of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Bonita, may be the most well known publication put out by a Brooklyn food entity, but it's not the only one. Introducing The Sixer (top), a quarterly newspaper put out by Sixpoint Craft Ales, and The Beer Tabler, a quarterly newsletter put out by South Slope restaurant Beer Table. The Sixer (found at Think Coffee) includes articles like "Sixpoint Craft Ales Builds Karmic Reserve for an Uncertain Future," and "Brooklyn Provides Refuge for the Renegade Fugitives Sixpoint Brewers!", and is mostly filled with news and thoughts about the company.

Beer Table's mag includes a piece on Schneider Weiss, a report on a staff trip to Montreal, an interview with the chef, a recipe, a funnies section, and a calendar. Like the Sixer, most of it is an endorsement for the restaurant but it's an interesting read. Interested parties can download it here. We like the creativity guys, we do, but with print media in a tailspin and the restaurant industry in distress, who can afford to maintain a venture into the world of quarterly print mags?
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