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Top Cheffage: Further Rumors of Season 6 in Las Vegas

Earlier today we were hypothesizing about a possible Top Chef Season 6 in Las Vegas. Wouldn't it be absurd, we wondered? Wouldn't it be genius? Well, if our tipsters can be trusted, and in this case we believe they can, it looks like the deal is done:

"You didn't hear it from me, but Top Chef season 6 is going to be taped at the new M Resort in Las Vegas. It is a far-far off-strip resort that is practically in Henderson. I think they're freaking out that they opened this big place in the middle of a recession and it's hard to pull tourists away from the strip to this place that's like half an hour away. So they made this deal to host Top Chef as a way of buying some cred."
Sounds about right. We're sure the Bravo execs are already dreaming up the Wolfgang Puck Hormel elimination challenge and the Le Cirque Campbell's Soup quick fire as we write this.
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