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Times Like These: Offshoots of Artisanal and Tabla Now in the Works

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Yesterday, Cyril Renaud announced he was closing his Michelin-starred Fleur de Sel to focus on his more casual and affordable restaurant Bar Breton. And, unsurprisingly, it seems going to casual route is going to be the norm for awhile. Today we learn that two other big name chefs, Floyd Cardoz of Tabla and Terrance Brennan of Picholine and Artisanal, are putting their energies into opening new offshoots. First, the Tabla news, from The Feed:

"We are looking to open an offshoot of Tabla with a more adventurous menu. I want to do some of the street food and simpler dishes I grew up with. Lamb feet, brains, liver, whole small fish fried...It will be an intimate restaurant with an open kitchen serving small plates, in the same neighborhood."

And Grub Street gets the news from Brennan:

"Terrance Brennan tells us that he’s looking at spaces in Chelsea, the West Village, and the Upper West Side in hopes of launching a new concept, the Artisanal Table: Pizza, Tapas, and Wine Bar....Dishes will be $15 to $20. 'It’s a good time to be looking,' he tells us, 'because a lot of restaurants are going under'."
As weaker restaurants fail, the strong will come in and pick up the pieces. We'll be keeping an eye on how both projects progress.
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