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Renovation Report: Hawaiian Tropic Zone Closes for $500K 3 Month Revamp

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Times Square: Yesterday the Dash Feedbag predicted the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square would soon be no more. They were partly right. The restaurant will close this Sunday for a $500,000 revamp—which will include a "consolidation" of the upstairs restaurant, leaving the downstairs open—and plans on reopening in May 1. According to the press release, it has nothing to do with all of the contentious lawsuits, but rather, in honor of attracting their one millionth customer:

"The restaurant has hosted one million customers since its inception in October 2006. The renovation...will consolidate the 200-seat restaurant on the second floor of the property, making up to 3,100 square feet of street level space available for a new retail tenant. '...We can continue to operate this popular restaurant on the second floor while capitalizing on the property’s extraordinary location by generating substantial rental income...' said Dennis Riese, Chairman and CEO."
Further reno plans have not been released, but we can only assume the dress code will remain in tact.
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