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The Retro Vong Menu Revealed, Offered at 1992 Prices

Midtown East: Earlier today when we noted Jean-Georges Vongerichten was bringing back some of the items from his 1992 Vong menu, we didn't know it was going to be such a complete overhaul. Now we learn that the restaurant is cutting all items on its current menu—save what it serves for the $24 lunch and $35 dinner prix fixes—and will replace them entirely with the original 1992 menu...offered at 1992 prices. Talk about creativity in times of trouble; talk about a Dealfeed. The new/old menu is below:


Tasting Plate 24
(Shrimp satay, lobster daikon roll, raw tuna and vegetable summer roll, crab spring roll and spiced roasted quail)

Chicken and coconut soup, galangal and shiitake mushrooms 8

Shrimp Satay, sweet and sour sauce 13

Raw tuna, vegetable and avocado summer roll, nam prik 12

Roasted spiced quail, crunchy cress salad 14

Lemongrass steamed mussels, Thai basil and chili 11

Peekytoe crab spring rolls, tamarind dipping sauce 13

Lobster and thinly sliced daikon, rosemary ginger vinaigrette 15

Sautéed foie gras, caramelized mango, ginger sauce 18

Green papaya and apple salad, lime and chili 10

Watercress, red cabbage and crunchy leek salad, soy dressing 8

Crispy salt and pepper calamari, sriracha dipping sauce 9


Spiced codfish, curried artichokes and tamarind chutney 21

Slow baked salmon with steamed mushrooms, fragrant ginger dressing 20

Wild striped bass, wok napa cabbage, water chestnuts and chilies 19

Steamed black bass, cardamom sauce and green cabbage 22

Shrimp with Thai herbs, bok choy and jasmine rice 22 (with lobster 45)

Meat and Poultry
Roasted lemongrass chicken, long beans and onion compote, spiced jus 18

Rabbit curry, braised carrots with cumin 22

Peking duck breast, tamarind sesame sauce, duck egg roll 21

Green curry braised lamb shank 19

Grilled hanger steak in a rice noodle ginger broth 19

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