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EaterWire: Dirty Bird's Temp Shutter, Chocolate Bar's Wishful Thinking, Chef Shuffles

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GREENWICH VILLAGE— From the tipline: "Dirty Bird To Go, on W14th, was closed last night with yellow Dept of Health tags on the front door. A staff member was still working in there so it looked very recent." A walkby this afternoon confirmed the shutter, but if there were DOH sitckers, they've been obscured by the gates. Their answering machine notes they are closed to make routine maintenance and repairs. [EaterWire]

TRIBECA— Chef shuffles at Tribeca's Duane Park: "Tribeca eatery Duane Park has finally named a replacement for ailing chef Shawn Park. The restaurant—which opened last winter and has yet to garner much critical attention—has lassoed some new talent in new toque Beau Houck (formerly of Five Points." [The Feed]

WEST VILLAGE— Though it was reported that the owner of Chocolate Bar would be reopening her shop in the House of Cards & Curiosities space on 23 8th Ave, apparently no one thought to ask the shop's current owner. He's not budging. [NYO]

Duane Park

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