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Speakeasy Alert: More Details Revealed on the New Raines Law Room

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Flatiron: Yesterday Thrillist brought word of the arrival of Raines Law Room, the newest speakeasy-themed bar to hit the nightlife world. It was met with a modicum of criticism, because, let's be honest, we're all tired of this theme. But given the fact that not much else has been offered up on the place, save for the suspicious raves on Yelp, we're happy to see a bartender has chimed in on a comment thread in an attempt to fend off the early naysayers. We're not sure he's successful (spoiler: sleeve garters are mentioned):

On the actual bar: "'s not like any other bar in town. In fact, it doesn't actually have a bar, per se, but rather a black-tiled kitchen, including shelves, a refrigerator, and a median/ island on which the drinks are prepared and served. It's bar meets chef's table."

On the drinks: "Michael McIlroy has taken the time to develop a straight forward classic cocktail list, training the staff to squeeze all juice to order, taste every drink before it hits the floor, and aim for consistency...we have an impressive selection of beers, wines, champagnes, scotches and cognacs..."

On the aesthetic: "Yes we have the tin ceilings, no mint soap, but grapefruit candles in the bathrooms, and I'm the only one wearing a vest these days. We're still working out the uniform details. But I may occasionally wear my sleeve garters (I just ordered a new pair!)."

The final pitch: "The Raines Law Room, even in these stay-home-&-save-money times, can be a haven of sorts. If at the end of the week, a fella wants to treat himself within the confines of a relaxing and somewhat decadent atmosphere, he may not want to $wing for a dark corner table at a fancy bistro, but he might enjoy the a quiet couple of drinks in an equally attractive and certainly more quiet atmosphere such as The Raines Law Room."
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