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EaterWire: Eataly to Come to NYC, Free Coffee, Another Chance at Bloomingdale Road, and More

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CITYWIDE— SeamlessWeb is giving away free coffee at delis around Manhattan throughout February. Check their site for locations. [SeamlessWeb]

UNION SQUARE— Joe Bastianich is working to bring Eataly, one of the best Italian markets in the world, to a 60,000 sq. ft. space in New York: "...he’s close to signing a deal for a space 'somewhere between Union Square and Madison Square Park.' Eataly is a unique operation: imagine a Zabar’s or Fairway, only ten times bigger, and run and conceived with the kind of ideological fervor associated with the Park Slope Co-Op..." [TFB]

UPPER WEST SIDE— Diner's Journal brings word that Bloomingdale Road may be open for a little while longer after all (despite an official closing notice sent out last week). Though Chef Ed Witt is gone, the owner is going to stay open while he tries to renegotiate the lease with the landlord. [Diner's Journal]

TRIBECA— RareDaily shares some details on the restaurant and lounge at the newly opened Smyth Hotel, the newest from Thompson Hotels: "AvroKO’s (Double Crown, Public) designing Frederick Lesort’s bi-level French Riviera-inspired Jour et Nuit restaurant. And down the stairs finds you at the Cellar Cocktail Lounge. This low-key haven is guaranteed to give its sub-level nightlife brethren a run for their money." [RareDaily]

RAMSAYWIRE— Per Eater LA: "...for a mere $5.99, you can have Gordon Ramsay call you a donkey from the friendly confines of your iPhone. That's right: there is now a Hell's Kitchen iPhone app. More info—and cringe-worthy sound bytes—are on the official game site..." [~ELA~]

WINDSOR TERRACE— Gothamist reports that Windsor Terrace bagel shop Terrace Bagels has been closed due to a vermin infestation. Please make the appropriate alterations to your morning routines. [Gothamist]


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