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Do-Over at Delicatessen: David Rabin, Franklin Becker Step In To Right the Ship

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Krieger, 7/16/08

Soho: Delicatessen, the awful, abortion of a neighborhood restaurant in Soho has finally acknowledged the need for radical change and has called on David Rabin and consulting-chef Franklin Becker to turn things around. Today they announced, "a new chef team, a revamped menu and a new beverage program," which more practically means that Rabin will up his role as operator and Becker, whose previous gig was that of last man standing at Sheridan Square, will come on to improve the menu with chef Michael Ferarro. Gone are the reuben fritters, replaced with, per the press release, "Carbonara Croquettas, 'Sticky' Ribs and Giorgio’s Meatballs." While certainly an improvement on paper, we are skeptically optimistic that this puts the restaurant on track, as what's really needed is for the place to put its massive ego in check. Full release is below, in the event that you want to make a judgment for yourself. The change is in progress, and a 10% discount is being offered now through February 13th.

Delicatessen Steps Back, Re-evaluates, and Makes Changes
10% Food Discount for Previews Offered Through Friday, February 13, 2009

New York, NY (February 3, 2009) – Bustling since opening its doors in July 2008, Delicatessen has attracted a loyal following. After addressing numerous food reviews and re-evaluating its menus, the popular Soho eatery now announces a new chef team, a revamped menu and a new beverage program. To preview these changes, a 10% discount for 10 days only will be offered on all food now through February 13th.
“It became clear that we needed to make some changes to the menu and overall operation if we were going to achieve our goal of being a great neighborhood restaurant with enough edge to appeal to destination diners,” says owner Mark Amadei. “We have expanded the role of David Rabin, a Hospitality Consultant and partner in 3Sixty Hospitality, an industry consulting firm, which was already handling our Back of House needs. With that, David and his team brought in Chef-Consultant Franklin Becker who has been working in collaboration to reconstruct the menu with our newly appointed Chef, Michael Ferraro. Likewise, the beverage program is being refreshed by Gardner Dunn and Ben Clemons of 33 Libations in collaboration with our Beverage Director Damon Dunay.”
With the removal of the cult favorite Reuben Fritters, Chefs Ferraro and Becker declare change is afoot at Delicatessen. “We’ve improved the quality of the food while keeping the menu fun, accessible and well-priced,” says Ferraro.
As for the rest of the menu, Halibut Carpaccio is off and Grilled Mahi Tacos are on in addition to six other new appetizers such as Carbonara Croquettas, “Sticky” Ribs and Giorgio’s Meatballs. Sliders and the signature Burger are both made from a blend of chuck and short rib beef, created especially for Delicatessen by Pat La Freida Meats. Six additional entrees will be offered including Prince Edward Island Mussels, Pan Roasted Chicken and Grandma’s Meatloaf. House-baked cookies and milk, a hefty slice of “Birthday Cake” and a traditional New York Cheese Cake round out the menu.
“Delicatessen is a great concept and especially so in this economy,” says Rabin. “It’s an affordable way to dine in a great looking and fun environment. We are thrilled to work with Mark and his partner Andrew Glassberg to preserve the energy of the restaurant while making appropriate changes. “
Adds Amadei, “After many years in the restaurant business I’ve learned the value of responding to customer and neighborhood concerns. These exciting changes bode well for Delicatessen. Our goal has always been to be a great neighborhood restaurant and one with city wide appeal. We don’t just want to be good; we want to be great.”
While there have been changes throughout, certain things at Delicatessen will remain including the Terry Richardson clad menus and the intimate downstairs Courtyard lounge with the striking wall-sized mural by Juan Jose Heredia.

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