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FW: Bad Experience at City Winery

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, February 27, 2009
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Bad Experience at City Winery


Just wanted to share a tip for your readers about the horrible experience I had recently at City Winery. Went for Valentine’s Day and was very excited to try this new wine bar for their pre-fixe dinner and “wine seminar”. Here’s what happened:

1) Waited over 20 minutes for our reserved table. Table was supposed to be in a private, quiet wine cellar, instead it was 15 squished tables next to each other behind the wine barrels – really tacky.

2) Instead of a wine seminar/education from the wine maker, we got a sales pitch on why to rent out space in their venue. He told us nothing about the wine we were sampling.

3) Waitress knew nothing about the wine she was serving us. Shouldn’t wait staff at a wine bar know about wine? Or at least about the 5 bottles they’re serving!?

4) My steak was not cooked the way I ordered it, didn’t even get a new steak after letting them know of the mistake.

5) I got sick! On Valentine’s Day! From the food! Not sure which bad course made me vomit all evening.

6) The worse part of all of this, which is making me write the bad reviews, is the next day when I called to explain how I got sick from the food, the manager said I was lying! So unprofessional!

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