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Times Like These: Masa--Yes, Masa--Slashes Sushi Prices, Cites Fuel not Desperation

As per Bloomberg's Mr. Sutton, Masa Takayama's expensive and somewhat obscene-at-times-like-these restaurant Masa is shaving its prices. It's not Monster Sushi yet but it's getting there, kinda. The tasting menu price fell from "$400 from $450 two weeks ago," writes Mr. Sutton, "marking what could be the first time the sushi temple has ever cut its prices." Could it be because fewer people can afford to spend $450 for a meal? Uh no, but thanks for asking. "

Veda Nishikawa, Masa’s business manager, said his freight costs “pretty much” fell by half and that he wanted to pass the savings along to diners. Masa flies in its fish daily via Japan Airlines.

According to Sutton, "Global air shipping costs are falling as crude oil prices, from which jet fuel is derived, have plunged 69 percent from a record $145 a barrel in July......'It’s not fair that we make that extra profit for no reason at all. We’re not greedy people,' said Nishikawa."

True enough that crude oil has plunged from a nutso July 08 peak but also true according to CNN, that crude oil prices have been rising for the past three NYMEX trading sessions and are now up to $45.22 a barrel. Though analysts hypothesize prices won't go that much higher, the UAE Abu Dhabi and other crude oil producing countries are cutting back supply, which drives prices up, not down. Though Nishikawa claims Masa's cuts have nothing to do with the recession, that sounds...wait for it...fishy! Masa, ain't no shame in Dealfeeds in times like these.

[Photo: Bloomberg!]