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Congratulations, Hosea, You "Win" Again!

Hosea Rosenberg, the George Bush circa 2000 of Top Chef, must be feeling pretty Glad right now. Not only did he walk away from the N'Awlins Judges' Table with $100,000 (in tupperware!) and into the court of public opinion (pollice verso!) but he got a new girlfriend, according to Page Six. And you won't believe who it is! Or maybe you will. You probably will. Jesus Christ.

According to P6:

The stars of "Top Chef" like to sizzle, and not necessarily in the kitchen. Last week, when the Bravo reality show hit West Village hot spot Madame X, contestants Leah Cohen and Hosea Rosenberg were passionately making out at the bar. "They were really going at it," a bartender told us. The two had stirred controversy earlier on the show when they shared a kiss, leading to an awkward morning after, as each is in a serious relationship. Leah said on-air she'd apologize to her boyfriend. Hosea, who was later crowned "Top Chef," said the same about his girlfriend. A rep for the show had no comment.
First of all, Madame X, really, that's where you go? Note to self: Avoid.
Secondly, get a room.
Thirdly, blarg.
Fourthly, I guess we should have known but still, trading in this for this? Come on!
Finally, all kidding aside, we wish you two the best of luck, can't wait to try out your "joint venture." (Woah.)

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