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You Can Taste The Franks' Meat on March 5th

It feels like the latest addition to the Franks' empire, Prime Meats, has been soft opening forever, like a delicious breach birth. The latest "quietly opened last night" post comes courtesy TONY and it's true. Well, for drinks at least.

Mr. Falcinelli, the blue-eyed co-owner with prominent incisors and an infectious laugh on the right, tells us:

For a while, we've been doing drinks for overflow at Frankie's but we finally got our health certificate which means we can take the paper down from the windows. Last night, we were like fuck it.

6:00 pm doors opened. 6:05 room fills up. It got busy but we didn't serve any food. We'll start serving food March 5th or somewhere around there. We're taking our time. We'll start with a little food, little food, little food and build up. Don't quote me on the fuck it. At first Frank and I will be in the kitchen, touching each customer and each piece of food.

You got that? March 5th, get touched by the Franks. And don't quote him on the fuck it.

Photo: Krieger

Prime Meats

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