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The Plywood Report: Melt Gelato, Bombay Garden, Azteca Pride, Lan Zhou, Famous Dave's

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1) Midtown East: Blogger Miss Menu reports that national franchise Melt Gelato is setting up shop in the fratty East 50’s: “Featuring 30 flavors of gelato, savory and sweet crepes, panini, and a full coffee bar, Melt Gelato plans to open its doors just in time for the warming weather. If all goes as planned, franchise owner Joe Sparacello hopes to open 5 or 6 additional locations in the New York area in the next few years.” Location will be 1053 2nd Avenue between 55th and 56th streets. [PLYWOOD]

2) Flatiron: A correspondent spots some plywood for an eatery called Bombay Garden on 22nd just east of 6th Ave. [PLYWOOD]

3) Astoria: Blog Joey in Astoria learns via astorians that a new restaurant from the owners of El Rey del Taco truck called Azteca Pride will open in Astoria. “While walking to the Steinway R/V station I saw a new awning across the street (A few storefronts down from that "El Mundo Discount" store, just north of the Thai take-out.). It read "Azteca Pride/El Rey del Taco." Can anyone confirm or deny that that's the taco truck people? (I mean the one in front of Rite Aid.) Answer: Went to taco truck tonight and asked about this, they are going to have the restaurant and still have the truck.” [PLYWOOD]

4) Chinatown: Blogger Eating in Translation spots a piece of plywood for Lan Zhou Hand-Pulled Noodles at 21 Division Street, site of the former New Southwind. [PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown: Update: Midtown Lunch reports today that plywood vet, Famous Dave's BBQ will open on March 10th. He also previews the menu: "I got a sneak peak at a menu. It’s surprisingly reasonable for a Times Square bbq joint, but still too expensive to be a proper Midtown Lunch. Sandwiches are $11, with a special $13 “Texas Manhandler” consisting of Texas beef brisket *and* hot link sausages, topped with hellfire pickles (sounds like my kind of sandwich!) The rib plates are $13 to $23, and combo plates are $17 to $22." [PLYWOOD]