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Blue Smoke 21244777331 Ring

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Blue Smoke -- 212-447-7733--1 ring, Good afternoon, Blue Smoke. Our first opening is at 10:30 or you can join us as a walk-in guest?
Blue Fin -- 212-918-1400--2 rings. Good afternoon, Blue Fin. This is Chris. How can I help you? I can do 8:00, can I get your phone number with area code?
Blue Water Grill -- (212) 675-9500--1 ring. Good afternoon, thank you for calling Blue Water Grill. Can I have your phone number? The thing is, the computer won’t let me search if I don’t have your phone number. [NB: WTF?]
Blue Hill Restaurant -- (212) 539-1776--2 rings, Thanks for calling Blue Hill. This is Caitlin. I have a 5:30 available, otherwise I don’t have anything until 11 o’clock.