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A Moveable Tweet: Underminer Edition

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Gail Simmons: "So there it is. Josea [sic] is Top Chef!"

Josh "I'm Gout and I'm Proud" Ozersky: Last Meal: An Atkins meal at....Convivio! Genius move. Testa, steak, short rib brasato, yellowtail. Affogato.
Cooked (and Bore Son) For Mr. Latte Amanda Hesser: Son just tore the spine off "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." He's grounded until he's 21.
Danyelle "Restoran Gurl" Freeman: It's official! Bellboys opened more doors for me this weekend then [sic] a degree from Harvard.
Mark The Minimalist: Slogan day continues: "Take control over what you put in your mouth."
Amateur Gourmet: is resumé-writing. Probably time to expunge college achievements from the record, it's been almost 10 years. *gulp*