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Ssam Says: Bye Bye Banh Mi! Hellooooo Rib Sandwich!

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Breaking: David Chang's Momofuku Ssam Bar is plucking the Banh Mi from the dinner menu tonight like some sort of delicious ingrown hair. Sad news for banh mi fans. What will they replace it with? Will it be as good? Why are the best of us picked so prematurely from this earth and discarded into the eternal ether?

What will the replacement be?
Smoked bbq rib sandwich - Heritage Pork ribs, red onion and green cabbage slaw, pickled carrots, bbq sauce.

More details, please
Sandwich is served on Stecca loaf from Sullivan Street Bakery. The ribs are smoked, and the meat is pulled from the bone, pressed, and grilled.

Who made this?
It's a Francis Derby creation, the sous chef at Ssam bar.

When can I order it?
It's not on the official menu tonight, but will be "verbal-ed," with limited availability tonight. It's officially on the menu tomorrow. That means tonight if you have read this post and have gone early enough, this rib sandwich can be inside of you.

Joshua, it sounds like you went to Momofuku Ssam last night. Did you and did you hear any good conversations?
Thanks for noticing. In fact, I did go there last night for dinner. Next to me a couple of medical students were on a date. They were talking loudly about OB/GYN. I was eating sausage and rice cakes. The man part of the date expressed his thought that he wished he could skip OB/GYN altogether. The woman half said, "Why?" He replied, "The blood, the screaming, the ruptured sphincters." Then they left together.

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