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Renovation Report: Old Minetta vs. McNally Minetta

Greenwich Village: Because we weren't sure yesterday's Big Minetta Reveal (in two parts) was enough for you longtime Villagers, nostalgic types, and Keith McNally buffs, we offer this: a look at various components of the restaurant pre and post renovation. We have to say: McNally really got it done. And a quick clarification from the man himself on the rumored $1.2 million he paid for the restaurant: "Minetta cost $750,000, not the astronomical figure you quoted!  (But of course that doesn't include renovations)."
· Eater Inside BLOCKBUSTER: Minetta Tavern, Pt. 1 [~E~]
· Eater Inside BLOCKBUSTER: Minetta Tavern, Pt. 2 [~E~]

Minetta Tavern

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