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EaterWire: Antunes out at Oak Room, Popeye's Seized, Ricky Gervais' Favorite Restaurant, and More

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MIDTOWN— Grub Street brings word of a big time chef shuffle: "A rep for the Oak Room tells us that, just days ago, the restaurant parted ways with Joël Antunes, the Atlanta star chef who was brought on to restore the refurbished dining room to its former glory. 'The chef and the ownership had differences about direction,' says the rep..." [GS]

MIDTOWN— Some sad fast food news from Popeye's in Midtown: "The location? was shut down due to a tax/rent levy issue. The notice on the door had yesterday’s date." [ML]

UPPER WEST SIDE— Grub Street reports the Upper West Side location of Fatty Crab could open as soon as next Tuesday: "We’re told the larger space will seat 74, plus a black steel bar outfitted with a dozen drafting stools (there’ll be twenty outdoor seats come spring). Other nice touches: Caged industrial fans, salvaged metal chairs, and a mural of Kuala Lumpur." Click over for the menu. [GS]

NEW YORK CITY— Just what we need: another restaurant server site where waiters complain about tipping out. [W&D]

UPPER EAST SIDE— EMD has an excerpt from a truly bizarre interview between Jamie Oliver and comedian Ricky Gervais, and aside from a bit about Oliver burning his penis while cooking naked, the highlight is learning Gervais' favorite New York restaurant: "Park Avenue in Upper East Side New York. They change the menu and decor with the seasons. It's amazing." [EMD]

The Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel

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