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More Details Revealed on Manahattan Water Taxi Beaches

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Yesterday, the news broke that Water Taxi Beach is planning on expanding to two Manhattan locations this summer. And while the powers that be at the New York Water Taxi won't reveal which places they're considering (look here for the best guesses), we did uncover a few vital details about the menus of the newcomers and the original WTB in Long Island city.

1) They are planning on adding barbecue chicken and their own pulled pork to the menu in LIC.

2) One Manhattan location will offer both salads (yes, salads) and numerous different kinds of wurst. Harry Hawk just left Colonge, Germany where he was doing wurst research. Today, he's looking into tapas in Barcelona.

3) At the second Manhattan location, expect a raw bar and fish and chips (similar to those once offered at Schnack)

Hawk would also like to mention to the commenters that beers are $6, not $7.
· Water Taxi Beach Seeking Two Manhattan Locations [~E~]
· New York Water Taxi Map [Official Site]

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