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SHOCKERS: First Manhattan Water Taxi Beach Location on Governors Island

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Governors Island: Governors Island, the peaceful oasis and giant park located off the southern tip of Manhattan, is about to change forever. New York Water Taxi has just announced that one of the two Manhattan beaches they plan on launching this summer will be located on the there, a city property that has only been open to the public for the last few years.

But this won't be any old WTB.

In addition to the restaurant aspect of the beach (which will "focus on sustainability"), there will be beach volleyball, basketball courts, and a stage for concerts. Lovers of the island the way it is may not be so thrilled about the invasion of drunken carousing; while those wishing for a WTB on the island of Manhattan may be dismayed by the distance. But, in the end it will be a good way to introduce new crowds to the area. Stay tuned for more info on the second Manhattan location. The full press release:

Brooklyn, NY February 24 – Harbor Experience Companies (HEC), formed after New York Water Taxi acquired Circle Line Downtown, will build on the popularity of its Beach in Long Island City, and create a new Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island this summer. For the residents of lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn it will be a beach in their own backyard.

Water Taxi Beach/Governors Island will be a laid back, on the waterfront, beach experience of sun, fun, food and music; with tons of sand, beach volleyball, a café and outdoor grill, a stage for live performances and basketball courts. No swimming allowed. The food will focus on sustainability and the Beach will host birthday parties, family celebrations and corporate events.

Offering spectacular views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines and the East River Bridges; Water Taxi Beach/Governors Island will be accessible from Lower Manhattan on the Governors Island Ferry departing from the Battery Maritime Building and by New York Water Taxi from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Working with the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) HEC will reuse a former parking lot adjacent to the Governors Island Ferry landing at the north end of the Island to create the new beach.

Tom Fox President & CEO of Harbor Experience Companies said “Close to home recreation opportunities are increasingly important to the residents of lower Manhattan, and Downtown Brooklyn, and new close to home recreation opportunities are important to the 20 million metro area residents in these tight financial times.”

“Governors Island is truly becoming a destination and resource for New Yorkers and others to enjoy,” said GIPEC president Leslie Koch. “Water Taxi Beach is a wonderful addition to the Island’s amenities, providing new and exciting opportunities for entertainment, eating and drinking. It is a great step forward in the Island’s development.”

Updates on WTB/GI can be found at beginning in May.

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