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EaterWire: First Female NYC Master Sommelier, City Bakery Pulls out of BPC, the Batali Ringtone, and More

NEW YORK CITY— Some good news from B.R. Guest: "...we are proud to announce that B.R. Guest Director of Wine and Spirits Laura Maniec now holds the title of Master Sommelier! She is the 18th woman in the world to hold this distinction, and is the youngest active master sommelier in the world. She’s also the only women out of four master sommeliers in New York City." [EaterWire]

BATTERY PARK CITY— City Bakery has nixed their plans to open up a shop in BPC: "A series of opening dates projected for 2007 and 2008 were periodically postponed. Finally, toward the end of last year, the source within Riverhouse said, Mr. Rubin quietly decided to cancel the plans entirely. 'They just didn't want to spend six or seven figures opening a store that so many people wouldn't be able to afford to shop at anymore...'" [Broadsheet Daily]

LOWER EAST SIDE— A tipster tells us that Two Boots Tavern which has been closed for almost two months for renovation, looks ready to open. The space features three new flatscreen TVs. [EaterWire]

SPAIN— The people of Spain love Batali's outburst in SoBE last week: "they have taken to adopting the 'All you weasel f***wads in the back corners, can I have ten seconds of your time?' and 'Jose Andres has the most motherf—— stars of any Spanish restaurant in the U.S' as ringtones." [TFB]