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EaterWire: Coupons at Tailor, Lucy's Temporarily Shuttered, An Ades Retakes the Throne, and More

UNION SQUARE— Eating in Translation brings the news the the daughter of the recently deceased vegetable peeler salesman, Joe Ades, has taken over his throne at the northern end of Union Square Park: "'Some parents leave their kids buildings; my dad left me peelers,' Ms. Ades-Laurent called out at one point." [EiT via SE]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Some more opening report news on the LES: "An Choi is in neighborhood-preview mode at 85 Orchard Street, near Broome Street, and while they aren’t yet serving pho (that’ll come sometime this week), you can order a porchettalike crispy pig sandwich, among others." [GS]

SOHO— A little Dealfeed/Troubling Signs from Tailor: "we’re torn between a confusing mix of emotions when, upon receiving the check (which we can only sort-of afford), we also receive the coupon pictured above. Are we to be happy for the chance to return for a meal discounted by $15? Or are we to feel sad..." [TFB]

EAST VILLAGE— Grub Street brings the worrisome news that favorite dive Lucy's is closed until March 12. [GS]

HERALD SQUARE— Meanwhile Midtown Lunch reports the 'wichcraft in Herald & Greeley Square is closed until March 23. [ML]

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