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The Shutter: El Atazcon, Sushi Tomo, Ambrosia, and More

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Bar Q wasn't the only restaurant to serve its last this week. Here are four more closings from this week, and if you know of any more, do tell.

2009_02_elatazcon.jpg1) East Village: The Feed brings word of the shutter of El Atazcon a one month old small, affordable Mexican spot on 1st Ave. between 7th and 8th: "It seems that our dearly departed El Atazcon is the latest restaurant casualty of the nosedive economy. The rock-bottom prices seemed recession-proof." [The Feed]

2) Upper West Side: From the comments: "Sushi Tomo, located between 110th and 111th on Broadway closed on Sunday for good. No word what will be going into that place. It was always pretty busy. Not great or anything, but definitely a staple in the hood for a while." [ShutterWire]

3) Kensington: The Kensington blog reports on a suspected shutter: "Walking by Ambrosia today it looks like they're either renovating or packing up shop. It was already pretty nice in there so I'm not sure what they'd be fixing. Anyone have the scoop on what is happening at one of Kensington's only fine dining establishments?" [KBB]

4) Tribeca: From the tipline: "Worth Street is looking like a ghost town as Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Mr. Skewer are among the businesses that have closed." [ShutterWire]