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Eater Inside: at65 at Alice Tully Hall

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[Photos: Bailly Roesch]

Lincoln Center: On Sunday, at65 cafe, the new restaurant in the revamped Alice Tully Hall, will open to the public. A simple cafe—that feels a bit like a cafeteria—the space will serve basic dishes like chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, spinach dip, and sandwiches, quiches, and soups. At a media preview last night they offered a slew of underperformers (bland shrimp, Velveeta-like mac and cheese), but the dishes could improve in a non-party setting.

Dishes range from about $5 - $15. Download the menu here, and read more on the revamp and the reveal of Alice Tully Hall here.
· Sneak Peek at Alice Tully Hall's Snazzy Outdoor Facelift [Curbed]

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