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A Sneak Peek at Old Homestead's New Dining Rooms (and the Schnabel PDR)

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[Krieger, 2/19/09]

Meatpacking District: Back in October it was reported that the owners of MePa steakhouse Old Homestead were losing their leased space at 52-54 9th (due to a rent increase) and adding a new floor of dining to the building they own and occupy next door. Four months later, the renovation is almost complete.

Those familiar with the Old Homestead will find the following: an entire new dining room on the third floor with a fireplace and big screen TV, a fully renovated second floor dining room lined with walls of books, a new second floor bar, a soon to be completed first floor, and a big new draw, a 10 seat private dining room lined with photographs from artist/filmmaker/real estate developer Julian Schnabel. Photos aren't being released until the big Schnabs gives his okay, but private parties are already being held there.

As for the uncompleted first floor, it will be divided into three chunks, the bar, the middle room (which will be very parlor like with mirrors and lamps), and a third room with a vaulted ceiling and dark leather panels on the walls. Unlike the carpeted upper floors, this level will keep the tile. When completed the revamped restaurant will hold 200 seats and offer the same menu and same hours as before.
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