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EaterWire: 'Swich Closed for Renos, $1k wine Purchases on Decline, a Look at Flip

Never fun to collect debts from shuttered restaurants

WEST VILLAGE— This just in from sandwich shop 'Swich: "We're closed up for some renovations ourselves today and tomorrow. We're installing lots of fancy new equipment that will cut the average time to get a Swich from 4.3 to 2.2 minutes (promise- we've tested it)." [EaterWire]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Some more intel on the new burger spot Flip, located in Bloomingdale's: "You pick your sauce, your cheese, and your additional cholesterol boosters (fried egg, Canadian bacon, regular bacon, or chili). Of course, the tab can add up quickly, as toppings and cheese cost extra. There’s a full bar and Max and Mina’s ice cream." [GS]

MADISON SQ. PARK— From a report on curtailed spending among rich banker types: "Pricey vintages aren’t popular at Eleven Madison Park, where the 11-course 'Gourmand Menu' runs $300 with wine. 'No one’s buying the what-the-hell wines,' said John Ragan, beverage manager at the restaurant..." [Bloomberg via Cityfile]

LONG ISLAND CITY— Metromix writes in to say Sasha Petraske's newest, Dutch Kills is still not open. We hear it's going to be opening closer to the 1st. [Metromix]

Eleven Madison Park

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