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The Shutter: 8th St. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar Felled

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signage photo via jcn/Eater Flickr Pool

Greenwich Village: The NYU Zone location of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, Chef Anita Lo's chainlet of takeout dumpling spots, on 8th Street between Mercer and Greene Streets has closed. We heard a couple of weeks ago that the location was in trouble, but co-owner Kenny Lao told us they were trying to renegotiate with the landlord. Above: the sad shutter sign currently found in the window.

Here's the bit of silver lining—according to the schedule, the chain's truck will still make appearances outside the 8th Street location for the time being to fulfill the dumpling related needs NYU kids and office workers in the Astor Place/Cooper Square vicinity. We also hear there's a new location in the works farther uptown.
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