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End of Civilization: Milk & Honey Posts Phone Number

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Lower East Side: We can all reasonably contemplate leaving New York now: the city's most well known secretive bars, Milk and Honey, has made their phone number public and has posted it on their website for all to see. Like the '21' Club dropping their tie requirement, this signifies a major restructuring of a policy that once defined the venue as a way to attract new clientele in difficult times. Those in the inner circles who were sent the new numbers will lose their bragging rites; M&H enthusiasts who once spurned those that imprudently leaked the number will have nothing to complain about. They're letting in the hoi polloi all on their own.

Back in September, Sasha Petraske told us he would be turning the bar into a private members-only club as a way to make back some of the money he's been losing in Mercury Dime. And according to NY Barfly he's done that...partially.

"The way it works (at least, ostensibly), is that 4 of the 6 tables are reserved for members and the other 2 are open to the public. So, in theory, the number being released (and posted online for all to see!) shouldn't affect members because the number of members is fixed at 250 and the 4 tables for us won't be facing increased competition."
Barfly suspects that once we're all out of this slump, the number will go private again. We can only hope he's right but don't suspect this is a move Petraske will take back.
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