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Troubling Signs: Anita Lo's Annisa Getting Shopped?

West Village: The shuttering of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar's 8th Street location and the 10 month-old Bar Q may not be the end of the problems plaguing chef Anita Lo's empire. A restaurateur in the market for a new space tells us he was recently shopped the Annisa space at 13 Barrow but didn't go for it.

Now this doesn't mean it will necessarily sell and close. A number of venues sit on the market for months or even years, getting shopped around by operators or brokers who are asking more than the buyers are willing to pay. That said, it's hardly a good sign for the Michelin starred restaurant. Fans may want to stop by asap to support Ms. Lo. Update: Official word from Lo's camp: "Nothing is happening at Annisa. It is definitely not for sale. Anita has a long lease on the space."
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