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Shutter Suspicions: Hard Times at Bar Q?

Kalina, 4/9/08

West Village: We're still awaiting more info from the official channels (our sources tell us Anita Lo is headed back to the city from Long Island this very moment), but we think it's about time for some shutter rumormongering for Chef Lo's 10 month-old, two starred, upscale Asian bbq spot Bar Q. Some compelling signs:

Exhibit A: From the tipline last night: "I just passed by coming home from dinner: Bar Q on Bleecker St. has closed. There are signs on the doors saying they have closed."

Exhibit B: From the tipline Sunday night: "Isn't it strange that Bar Q is closed Sunday at 9? Perhaps they're closed on Sundays (Eds.: they are), but it's a holiday weekend and everywhere else around it is busy. Here the windows are black, chairs on the tables."

Exhibit C: They are no longer taking resys on Opentable. Neither a human nor an answering machine has picked up phone calls to the restaurant for the past two days.

Exhibit D: Their last ditch effort back in December to "soften up the place," perhaps an ominous move.

We'll be investigating this further throughout the day and will update you when the official confirmations or denials come in. Perhaps Lo just took the unusual move of closing the restaurant for the long weekend?
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