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Shutter Confirmations: Anita Lo's Bar Q Definitely Doneski

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Kalina, 4/9/08

West Village: We were right to suspect a Bar Q shutter scenario earlier today. According to an inside source, chef and owner Anita Lo told the staff two weeks ago that she was closing the just 10 month-old restaurant. And by the looks at our comments, the overwhelming response from the neighborhood has been, not so surprisingly, "good riddance." We'll turn to a next door neighbor for some color:


I just want you to know that the entire neighborhood boycotted Bar Q because your little Napoleonic Latino manager was a rude prick to everyone in the neighborhood. From the block association to the fellow businesses on the block and across the street, to the tenants in your own building, we all found him to be a total A__hole.

When you had your fire, I was one of the people that helped him try to put it out. I burnet my hand, ruined my shirt, used three of my businesses fire extinguishers and what thanks did I get from him the next day and the days after, nothing he was still a total dick and acted like I was the one that started it. Serves me right for trying to be nice when you guys first opened and he was totally rude to me and my staff.

I'm glad you lost your shirt. Teaches you right for not being friendly to your neighbors and the businesses next to you.

We should note, this shutter comes right on the heels of the closing of Lo's primo NYU area Rickshaw Dumpling Bar on East 8th Street. Let's hope this is the last of the trouble in her empire.
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