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Black Saturday Reports: Questionable Service at Peasant

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From the Valentine's Day aftermath tipline:

"So my girlfriend and I had dinner at Peasant, specifically because they weren't running any gimmicks. Don't like going out for Valentine's Day, but alas, feel obligated. Food at Peasant was outstanding. Service was dubious. When asking for suggestions for a bottle under $40, was steered towards bottles in the $60 and $70 range. When my girlfriend ordered her entree, she was asked which side she wanted and was then given three options, as if one came with the dish. It didn't, as I later learned on the bill. I also later learned that the dessert wine which was very strongly recommended for our complimentary heart-shaped pana cotta was $20 a glass. Annoying if the waiter knows I am not looking to go all-out ordering wine. I probably should have asked, but always feel weird discussing prices with the waiter. I even overheard the waiter pushing an appetizer on a table next to us who had only ordered entrees. Experience really put a damper on what was otherwise a great meal."
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