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SOBE Wine & Food '09: Previewing Morimoto's Wagyu Burger

To get everyone appropriately pumped for next week's South Beach Wine and Food Fest we've been interviewing the top contenders for the Burger Bash. Next up: dark horse candidate Masaharu Morimoto

2009_02_morimoto.jpgBurger Maker: Masaharu Morimoto

What's your strategy? Although I am known as a sushi chef, I am quite knowledgeable about wagyu, for which my restaurant has been certified by a wagyu producer in Japan. I will use wagyu to add extra flavor to my burger.

Have you learned anything from previous competitions? People are capable of eating a lot of burgers!

What are you serving? Any accompaniments? The patties are made of American wagyu-style beef, and they will be topped with a barbecued real Japanese wagyu slice, shredded cabbage, and special miso sauce. I’ll serve it with wasabi mashed potatoes. Shredded cabbage, which is a common side dish for Japanese home cooking, will add an interesting texture. And I’ll use miso instead of ketchup!
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