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Black Saturday Reports: A Mob Scene at Fig & Olive

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From the Valentine's Day aftermath tipline:

"My sister and her bf had a 9:45 reservation at f+o in meat packing. They got there on time to find a line of 20-30 couples whose reservations were not being honored. The host was explaining that they left 90 minutes for couples to eat and leave, but people were staying 2.5 hours. Imagine? people ordering desert and lingering on Valentines Day. One extremely heated woman was leading the revolution saying that she would make it her mission to have this outrage plastered on the front page of every restaurant website before she went to sleep that night, screaming and generally making a total scene (deepest sympathies to this woman’s date/husband). After 15 minutes it was clear to my sister (who was totally egging this woman on) that they would not be seated before midnight, so they left to find some food. They were pretty much shut out of MePa, but walked in and had a terrific meal at BellaVitae – a much better restaurant by any account."
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