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EaterWire: Rejected from Greenhouse (4 Times) and More V-Day Aftermath

A pink food truck in Sunset Park
A pink food truck in Sunset Park

SOHO WEST— In lieu of a planned review of newish Soho club The Greenhouse Metromix runs the tale of a reporter who tried and failed on four separate occasions to get in: "...for 30 minutes the line of two people (me included) never moved. Patience seemed rewarded, however, when the clipboard sheriff finally asked, 'Ahem, what list [are you on]?'..." [Metromix]

CITYWIDE— To wrap up our Black Saturday Reports, some snippets from the positive experiences. Blue Hill at Stone Barns: "It did not disappoint...Although we're in a recession-conscious mindset, this splurge was worth every penny!" Freemans: "...the restaurant was at around 60% capacity by the time we left at 9-ish. Lack of customers aside, the food was fantastic. Way better than I remembered it to be..their beef cheek special was probably one of the best things i've tasted this year." Fleur de Sel: "$48 prix-fixe lunch at soon-to-shutter Fleur de Sel was delightful. Very relaxed." Death & Co: "...whenever i bring a girl here, we often have to bail because of the wait. but the night i bring my mother, they find room for us in 10 minutes." [EaterWire]

Blue Hill

75 Washington Place, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 539-1776 Visit Website


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