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Adventures in Shilling #051: Lussos, Trigo, Shang, and More

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2008_12_shang.jpgToday we have a fine selection chosen from our own comment threads, the inbox, and the shilling cesspool better known as Menupages. Leading off, the most innocuous suspected shill, an email to Eater HQ regarding the new speakeasy themed Chelsea joint, Raines Law Room:

"I just found out about a new place that opened up this week really quietly on 17th Street where I work. It's called the Raines Law Room. I popped in there one evening this week just to check it out....I was really impressed with the transformation on the space. It's pretty luxe. You feel like in you're in an old Victorian home, not in a bar or place of business. It's super cool You have to check it out...even the name leaves you curious."
Shill Probability: 34%

This new comment on an old Listage post could be an excited diner, or it could be a shill:

"I went to Gialeti's today and bought a coffee and a wrap. The coffee was good. The wrap was amazing and the price was right! This place is a great addition to the neighborhood and I highly recommend it. I definitely want to go back and try more goodies. yummy!"
Shill Probability: 44%
And we have an overly exuberant diner at Shang:
"This resto is still a relative secret so take advantage and go for a special dinner! The food was unbelievable - we ordered about 6 or 7 dishes and loved every single one - the flavors were all so different and the plates were very innovative. Because you need to order about 3 dishes per person, it is pretty expensive but well worth it. The service was great for the most part, especially given that they just opened 2 weeks ago, and the waitress even asked us if there is anything they can do to improve! when do you hear that at a NY restaurant? I can not stress enough how much we loved Shang. We will definitely be back."
Shill Probability: 57%
A couple of comments on our Trigo thread stick out, but this seems particularly suspicious:
"Yes the place is beautiful, but the food also delivers. The octupus confit was beautiful I could eat a whole entree of it. At a mere $9 the Smoked eel was divine. The white bean soup with smocked hocks is the perfect soup for these frigid temperatures. It reminds me of Mom's, They also serve a variety of flatbreads my table had the veal tounge with anchovies and onions. The flavors were stellar together, the saltiness of the anchovies balanced out the richness of the veal. Another amazing veal dish were the veal meatballs with spiced yogurt and smokedbonito flakes. What I find great about the place is you can come in get a bottle of wine and some meats and cheeses. And get out for well under a $100 or you can go all out and drop some seriouis coin, if that's your thing."
Shill Probability: 70%
An obvious one from the inbox:
"...just got done dining at Lusso, a SoHo Italian newcomer on 331 West Broadway, right on the corner of West Broadway and Grand Street. I happened to be walking by with a friend, ventured in and discovered that tonight was their first night of business. Our waiter explained to us that 'Lusso' is the italian word for 'luxury' -- which is basically what our whole experience was. Everything from the decor by local artists, to the very friendly and knowledgeable staff, right up through the food and great-tasting fresh fruit drinks was truly luxurious indeed...My favorite was called the "53 Grand" -- a blood-orange margarita with fresh basil inside the drink as well...And the bartender was more than happy to help guide us through our choices...We started out with a wonderful stuffed calamari as well as a richly-prepared crostini pate for our appetizers, then moved onto a nice veal osso bucco...we think Lusso is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood! "
Shill Probability: 92%

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