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Eater Challenges: Name DeNiro's New Ago Concept

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Tribeca: Tonight, reps from Robert DeNiro and Richard Born's restaurant at the Greenwich Hotel—formerly the notorious flop Ago—go before Community Board 1 to plead for a new liquor license. Word on the street is, and we'll find out for sure tonight, they still don't have a name for the space. So we figured, who better to give Bobby D and his team, which now includes chef Andrew Carmellini, restaurateur Ken Friedman, and Lever House's Josh Pickard, some ideas than you wonderful readers?

What we're looking for: A name and a subtitle or tag line (think a non-fiction book).

The prize: Of course, infinite glory.

Remember it's going to remain Italian, but "more informal and inviting," and the décor will largely remain the same. We'll run the best entries here on the site, and we'll make sure someone on the team gives them a once over. (Though don't expect them to choose any; this is solely to test your creative mettle.) Send your best efforts to
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