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EaterWire: Tini's Relocating, Wolfgang's Sued, Renovations at Inside Park

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MIDTOWN— A renovation report from Inside Park at St. Bart's: "Inside Park will be closed February 20 through March 8 for minor kitchen repairs and to host The St. Bart's Players' production of 'Some Enchanted Evening: A Rogers & Hammerstein Review'. We will reopen with our regular lunch and dinner hours on Monday, March 9." [EaterWire]

RED HOOK— Relocation news from Red Hook: We have just heard that Tini will be leaving their current location! After Lenell's, yet another example of a landlord outrageously raising the rent. Thankfully they will not be gone for good. Tini will be moving up the block to Pioneer street." [TWOCS]

TRIBECA— Another restaurant lawsuit filed by lawyer Maimon Kirschenbaum: "The most despised attorney in New York restaurant history is now taking aim at Wolfgang's Steakhouse (and the Zwieners), slapping a class action suit against the company...The suit accuses the Zwieners of failing to pay workers minimum wage and withholding overtime pay." [Cityfile]

RED HOOK— Gowanus Lounge run down on Ikea's Black Saturday media stunt: "From 5:30-8pm, grab a cafeteria tray for two and hop in line for a lil Love Salmon Wellington, Divine rice pilaf and some Sweetie-Baby carrots with Cha-Cha-chive sauce for $19.90. And, just to make your (cheap ass) date even better, Ikea’s going throw in a free bottle of non-alcoholic Magnum Sparkling Cider! But wait! You better bring a date! Because unless you’re a couple, you going to starve!" [GL]

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