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Ask Eater: Banned on Chowhound

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Have a restaurant or nightlife question that you'd like the Eater readership to tackle? Send it in to and it may just get the "Ask Eater" treatment.

2009_02_bespoke.jpgToday's Ask Eater letter comes from the owner of Bespoke Chocolates, Rachel Zoe Insler. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this:

"I'm pretty sure that my less-than-a-week-old, hidden-in-an-unmarked-alley independently owned artisanal chocolate shop with no PR has been banned on chowhound. um...what? sigh.
I was excited when a few people mentioned to me that they loved my chocolate and were going to post about it on chowhound, but....nothing. I finally asked a friend to do a (totally honest, but yes, positive) test post and yup....deleted. I've been a chowhound reader and occasional poster myself for years, but now chowhound and I are officially breaking up. I don't *want* to care, but it's a resource i know lots of people anyone know how to get unbanned?"
Thoughts, answers welcome in the comments.
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