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CelebWire: Justin Timberlake Distances Himself from Southern Hospitality

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Upper East Side: According to People Justin Timberlake is no longer an investor or partner of Upper East Side BBQ spot Southern Hospitality, and his wording makes it seem like he never was. Strange since he was happy to call himself an owner at the opening and did so much promotion for the space:

"Approximately three years ago, Justin and his close friends, Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala, discussed the idea of bringing Memphis-style BBQ and ribs to the New York City marketplace...But that's where the connection ends. Sugarman now operates and primarily owns the restaurant himself...they are not investors, owners or partners, nor do they have any knowledge of or involvement in the operations of the restaurant."
Okay JT, we won't be calling you for the quote when the next branch opens.
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